Greatest Need

Villagers line up at the posho mill to receive free food through FIOH-USA during famine.

Emergencies arise frequently when working with our African Partners in Kenya and Zambia.  Droughts bring on famine. Rains cause houses to “melt” and wash away crops.

Often a student needs a new pair of shoes. Sometimes a student loses their sponsor. FIOH-USA tries their best to continue funding so the young scholar can complete their studies.

FIOH-USA also has monthly commitments for programs such as our HIV/AIDS transportation, stop the spot (sanitary pads), and a stipend for several volunteer teachers.  We use our greatest need fund for all of these programs when designated funding does not cover the cost.  Your donation to greatest need is so special. Thank you.

Your donation will be used for Greatest need
100% of your donation goes to help the people we serve.
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