Student Sponsorships

Future in Our Hands – USA, places a high priority on education. A portion of the funds raised by FIOH – USA is used to support a child in Africa through education.

Help a Child in Africa

Help a Child in East Africa with his/her Educational Needs

Future in Our Hands-USA has supported bright students from poor families and orphans to access education. We have helped many students complete a full education, both primary  secondary and University. We are proud of their hard work and good performances, especially those who persevered to the university level.  Student sponsorship programs provided by FIOH-USA have helped students develop self-confidence and give back to the community. Support a child in Africa and help spread hope for a better life.

large classroom of kids

Classrooms are crowded but the students are motivated to learn and work hard.


Support Children’s Schools in Africa

FIOH – USA have provided resources which have helped to equip schools with classroom furniture and materials (desks, chairs, pencils, paper, and text books), improving the children’s performances. An example of the help that our organization provides is at Usoma Primary School in Kisumu Kenya. Performance on tests has consistently improved due to having desks, and more text books.   FIOH – USA also gives support to Awasi Nursery School outside Kisumu.  This school teaches many orphans between the ages of three and six.  With the support of FIOH – USA, the children have completed the three required levels of nursery school and are ready to begin primary school.  The breakfast program FIOH-USA started enables the orphans to learn better by providing food so the children never have to worry about having an empty stomach.

sponsor a child in africa

Nursery School children in Awasi enjoy
healthy breakfast porridge.



FIOH–USA has provided textbooks and storybooks for local schools in Kisumu.   This enhances a culture of reading in the community, reducing incidents of slipping back to illiteracy after completing school.

FIOH-USA has plans to fund a library in the village of Usoma.  The land has already been donated by some of the villagers.  Although there are libraries in Kisumu the people have to pay to use them. There is no free library in all of Kisumu.  This library will be accessible to the 600+  Usoma primary school students plus anyone else who wants to use it. The cost will be about $12,000.  Your generous donations will allow this plan to become a reality.

Vocational Training

This program has enabled students that could not complete primary school or secondary school to acquire life skills, such as tailoring/dress making, knitting,  hairdressing, automechanics and truck driving. FIOH – USA has provided funds allowing the students to become self reliant in their daily needs.

Your donation will be used for Student Education Projects
100% of your donation goes to help the people we serve.
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