Wells & Clean Water

Building Wells in Africa

Future in Our Hands-USA (FIOH-USA) has been providing clean, safe, drinkable water for people in East Africa including Kenya and Zambia. Building wells in Africa has been our core mission since our inception. Without wells, these rural villagers have to walk up to 10 kilometers every day in order to obtain safer water for basic needs.

FIOH-USA has funded over 19 wells saving countless lives by preventing disease such as typhoid, cholera and more. In addition, this water has also allowed these residents to feed new tree nurseries.  FIOH Kenya is part of Wangari Mathai’s green belt movement. This has resulted in the planting of thousands of trees. Trees in East Africa are diminished due to the extensive use of wood as the fuel for cooking.  The lack of trees fosters soil erosion and negatively effects the water table.

Our new project within this division is the planting of vegetable gardens near the wells. Before the wells were built, the ground was too dry for planting. Now these gardens provide much needed food in villages where most people earn less than a dollar per day.

Sponsor a Well in Africa

Sponsor Wells in Africa

You can help sponsor a well in Africa by donating today. The effects of such a donation are far reaching and change the everyday lives of thousands of East Africans.

Your gift will be used for Well Projects
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