Anna Omedo

Anna O. was dying. She is a widow with HIV/AIDS with six children. She lives in the village of Usoma in Kisumu, Kenya. When she was first introduced to FIOH-USA in 2006 she was very weak and thin. Her family had no access to safe water or healthy food. It was apparent she did not […]

Asis (Cecelia)

In 2010 Asis tried to commit suicide. That is when I first met her. She came directly from the hospital to the former FIOH-K office in Kisumu town where I was staying. We talked and talked and she told me her story. Asis was from the village of Awasi. When Asis was in grade 8 […]


Serphine was a four-year-old patient in Kisumu Local District Hospital when I first met her in 2003 during my first trip to Kenya. She was badly burned over her chest and underarm area as a result of a cooking fire. The normal way of cooking is outside with wood slid in between three large stones […]

Paul Odihambo

Paul had lost both of his parents to HIV/AIDS by the time he was in fourth grade. He was a very bright young boy and was mentored by his teacher Rom Wandera, the former coordinator of FIOH-Kenya who died suddenly in 2012 at the age of 52. Paul took over Rom’s position of coordinator after […]

Felix Obondo Awili

Felix’s older brother, who was suffering from TB of the spine, was learning how to walk again when I was working as a physical therapist at Kisumu Local District Hospital in 2003. I was teaching Felix how to assist his brother so he could practice at home. Felix was 21 and had a strong desire […]

Lillian Dajoh

Lillian had a dream to be a Community Health Worker and help those with HIV/AIDS. She had completed high school and was working for a small wage at Pandapiere Catholic Center when I first met her in 2003. FIOH-USA found a sponsor for Lillian and she attended college. The yearly sponsor fee was not enough […]

Maureen Hamiyanze

Having come from an impoverished background she knows the cruelty of poverty first hand. Her family survived from subsistence farming from whatever piece of land was given them by the local church. Mostly that piece of land would only produce enough food for a few months in a year and the rest of the months […]

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