Food Security

Most of the people FIOH-USA serves in Kenya and Zambia live on less than a dollar a day.  Many are subsistence farmers and rely on rain and sun to sustain their food supply. Frequent episodes of drought result in famine and starvation. Children often go to school with only a cup of tea and lunch is […]

Greatest Need

Emergencies arise frequently when working with our African Partners in Kenya and Zambia.  Droughts bring on famine. Rains cause houses to “melt” and wash away crops. Often a student needs a new pair of shoes. Sometimes a student loses their sponsor. FIOH-USA tries their best to continue funding so the young scholar can complete their studies. […]

Office Building

Future In Our Hands- Kenya had been in desperate need of an administrative office and accommodations for local and overseas volunteer staff to stay and conduct the business of the organization.  Until 12/31/13 they used a rental office/apartment in a building owned by Maseno University. The rent had continuously increased over the last ten years […]

Microloans for women

Micro Loans

Future in Our Hands USA helps to provide microloans for women in Africa needing capital to start or enlarge income- generating activities in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. Microloans up to $600 are provided on a revolving basis for a term of three months. The loans are paid back at a low interest rate.

Stop the Spot

Because of a lack of access to sanitary pads for girls in many parts of East Africa, young women are unable to attend school full time due to their menstrual cycle. This can put girls at a disadvantage as it can be difficult to catch up after missing consecutive days of classes. Stop the Spot is our program for this problem.


Although the government provides the HIV/AIDs treatment free of cost, many of these clinics are several miles away and out of reach. Your donations to Future in Our Hands-USA provides an average of $10 a month to fund transportation, allowing individuals access to treatment.

Student Sponsorships

We have helped many students complete a full education, both primary secondary and University. We are proud of their hard work and good performances. Student sponsorship programs provided by FIOH-USA have helped students develop self-confidence and give back to the community.

Wells & Clean Water

Building wells in Africa has been our core mission since our inception. Without wells, these rural villagers have to walk up to 10 kilometers every day in order to obtain safer water for basic needs. Wells save countless lives by preventing disease such as typhoid, cholera and more, while allowing residents to feed new tree nurseries.

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