Help them learn and they will prosper

Since our inception, FIOH–USA has been committed to educating children. Through your sponsorship,we have seen students graduate and move on to work to support their families and become independent members of the community. Each year FIOH-USA finds sponsors for approximately 50 students.

Student Sponsorship

Locate sponsors in the U.S. for students who have applied for financial assistance with school fees and other school related expenses. Since 2005, our donors have sponsored more than dozens students, and with your financial support we will be able to sponsor hundreds more.

Educational Opportunities

Through sponsorships, FIOH-USA supports students to attend local high schools, boarding schools,college and technical training institutes.Due to a lack of school in rural areas, many students must attend boarding school since there are no school buses and families cannot afford to transport their children to school

Uniforms and Supplies

All schools in East Africa require their students to wear a uniform. Students are not allowed to attend school if they do not have a uniform. Schools do not have any supplies, so students must provide their own pencils, sharpeners, notebooks, crayons and textbooks.

Nursery School

FIOH-USA provides teacher salaries for 30 preschool children in Uwasi, a small village outside of Kisumu.

Become a Sponsor

As a Sponsor, you receive: Letters from Your Sponsored Child (1 or more per year), Academic Report Cards, Periodically Updated: Photos, Videos, & Biography Info

What Can Be Done?

Through your generous sponsorship, students receive a valuable education, can grow out of poverty and give back to their communities.



$450 Usually Funds One High School Student’s Education For One Year. Several people could contribute to sponsor one student. 

Any amount you contribute is greatly appreciated and will make a difference.