micro lending

We provide the lending, they provide the inspiration.

FIOH-USA helps provide micro loans for men and women who need capital to start or enlarge income- generating activities in their communities. Micro loans of up to $600 are provided on a revolving basis for a term of three months. The loans are paid back weekly at a low interest rate. We have seen incredible success rates with these businesses and are proud to have helped dozens of men and women elevate their communities and provide for their families.


Funding Income-Generating projects that fuel local communities

One of the women in the FIOH-Kenya Credit Union selling grains. The success of this venture is just one of the many projects that FIOH-USA's micro lending program has funded. And its impact has enabled dozens of women to be able to provide for their families.

What can be done?

Empowering just one person has proven to create opporunities for whole communities. With your donations, we will continue to fund these self-sustaining projects. We need your help to keep the micro lending projects funded. 

Self-Sustaining projects are our focus

When FIOH-USA began funding micro loans we primarily serviced women’s groups who wanted to band together to develop a project that would produce income for them/their families while bettering their communities. The programs fared very well and have each turned into on-going, self-sustaining businesses. We now happily sponsor men’s and mixed groups as well and have seen great success with them. Here are some of our stories: 

Tailoring: Over the years, we have seen more mixed groups form and bring forward  Tailoring Businesses.The groups are hard working with long hours. Some of the women’s groups take in young apprentices and teach them tailoring. Usually much of the tailoring is done to make school uniforms, which are needed in each community.

Pharmacies: Some of the  groups sell medicines in the rural areas. This provides income for the group and aide for the sick villagers.

Chair Rental Businesses:   A group in Kotur Village purchased a few dozen plastic chairs in 2007 to rent out for funerals or weddings as an income generating activity. It was very successful and now two additional groups have started renting chairs and expanded to include rental of tents. 

Dairy Cow Project: Five widows with HIV/AIDS from the Village of Usoma formed a support group and joined the micro-loan project. They requested and received funding from FIOH-USA in 2011 to purchase an impregnated dairy cow and start an income generating project that would provide income and nourishing milk for their families. Since drinking the protein filled milk the children have been healthier and have not missed school due to illness. With their earnings they have purchased a second cow and a total of three calves have been birthed so far. They hope to each have their own cow and then give the next female born to other villagers in order to keep the progress going and growing.

$600 Funds One Micro Lending Project For One Year.