stop the spot

a sanitary pad program to empower and dignify young girls.

Missing school for one week each month is the reality for many young girls in Kenya and Zambia who do not have access to feminine products. We are determined to put an end to the stigma and the embarrassment that these young ladies face--and the missed class time that often sets them back well into adulthood. The Stop the Spot program enables us to do just that. Please consider supporting it.


our Sanitary Pad program Provides both dignity and opportunity

It's called stop the spot--and it's for good reasoI

In many parts of the world, including Kenya and Zambia, many young girls do not have access to feminine hygiene products–so to avoid the embarrassment of going to school without decent protection, girls often skip school during their menstrual cycle. Unfortunately, this can put girls at a disadvantage as it can be difficult to catch up after missing consecutive days of classes; in fact, missing just four days of classes per month adds up to two full weeks per term. It is near impossible for most girls to catch up, let alone excel, under these circumstances. This is why, in 2008, Kanyamedha Secondary School students  requested FIOH-USA to provide them with sanitary pads. The students named the program Stop the Spot, a program which empowers young women by providing the proper feminine hygiene products needed for them to be able to attend school during their menstrual cycle. 

what can be done?

We believe that the issue at hand is not merely about supplying sanitary pads for girls. The focus of the Stop the Spot program is to empower young women with the rights and dignities they are entitled to. We’re proud to say that have seen attendance rates shoot up since we started this program, having raised the ratio of girls-to-boys at Kanymedha Mixed Secondary School to 50-50, which is a positive departure from before the program. We have expanded the Spot the Spot program to Usoma Primary School and Angelic Ark Center in Kisii, Kenya.  With increased funding, we hope to expand to additional schools. With your help, this initiative can provide truly equal opportunities for girls throughout Kenya and Zambia.

$10 Funds One Girl’s Santitary Needs For One Year.