student education

help them learn and they will prosper.

Since our inception, FIOH–USA has been commited to educating children. Sponsoring students has been a central part of our mission because it is through that mission that we first uncovered our purpose. We have seen students graduate and move on to work to support their families and their communities. We hope you will join us in this important mission.


Student Sponsorships, because education should be accessible for all

Classrooms are crowded but the students are motivated to learn and work hard.

education never loses it's value...

…as matter of fact, its value increases over time. Without the help of our sponsors, the children supported by FIOH-USA would have little hope of securing a substantial education. Since 2005, our donors have sponsored dozens of students, and we’re determined to sponsor hundreds more. 

Whether they are elementary- secondary- or univeristy-age, the students have dreams of growing out of poverty and giving back–and we hope you will consider joining us in our mission to make those dreams a reality.

What can be done?

As a sponsor, your sponsorship provides:

  • ALL Tuition and School Fees
  • One School Uniform
  • One School Sweater
  • One Pair of Shoes and Stockings
  • A Backpack, Pencils, and Bluebooks (paper)
  • One Meal a Day

As a Sponsor, you receive:

  • Letters from Your Sponsored Child (1 or more per year)
  • Academic Report Cards
  • Periodic Updated Photos, Videos, & Biography Info

In addition, you have the option to:

  • Send Your Child Letters and Photos
  • Provide Your Child with Extra Care Items (care items include food, clothing, mosquito nets, bedding)

$500 Usually Funds One High School Student’s Education For One Year.