HIV/Aids transportation

The medication is free. but many Still cannot afford it.

The mission of Future in Our Hands-USA is to help improve the quality of life for people in East Africa, specifically in Kenya and Zambia. One way in which they accomplish this is by providing basic HIV health insurance to cover treatment for opportunistic infections and transportation to hospitals or clinics so people can acquire their otherwise-free HIV/AIDS medication. Without the necessary transportation, these men, women and children are often unable to access the treatment they require to live abundant lives.


Transportation and health insurance for HIV/AIDs Patients

Chulambo Clinic in Kisumu Kenya area where some of the sponsored HIV/AIDS patients go to be treated with their anti-retro viral drugs with funds provided through FIOH-USA.

The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in East Africa

Although the number of new HIV/AIDS cases is declining, there are still a large number of people living in rural areas in East Africa that cannot afford basic HIV health insurance. They need help getting to hospitals or clinics to receive their HIV/AIDS medication. Although the local government provides the medication free of cost, many of these clinics are several miles away and out of reach. Therefore, patients have no choice but to go without their medication–a sad reality that FIOH-USA is determined to  bring to an end.  With your help, we can provide infected men, women and children with the means to acquire the proper HIV/AIDS treatment and live thriving lives. 

What can be done?

With your donations, Future in Our Hands-USA is able to provide basic HIV health insurance and transportation to clinics to for those in need of HIV/AIDS medication in rural areas. It costs roughly $10/month to fund one individual. Currently, we are only able to provide assistance to 42 individuals in need. We need your help to increase this number and expand a meaningful quality of live to those who need it.

$10 funds one HIV positive patient for one month