wells & clean water

we believe water should be clean and safe, not brown and contaminated.

Since our inception, FIOH–USA has been commited to clean water projects, specifically to the constructon of water wells. Since our own origin was sparked by the unnecessary death of a young Kenyan boy who contracted cholera from contaminated water, we are deeply committed to saving lives through well projects. We hope you will join us in this important mission.


wells that provide a safe water supply to families and communities

Wells help eliminate water-borne diseases and empower communities

Future In Our Hands-USA has funded clean water projects in Africa since 2005. With the help of generous donations, we have funded the construction of over 20 wells throughout Kenya, providing a safe water supply to villagers. Our well projects have helped prevent water borne diseases, such as typhoid and cholera, which in the past caused unnecessary deaths among young children like Nevil. But our work is far from over. 

What can be done?

Lack of access to a safe water supply is very widespread and there is much to be done. Without wells, rural villagers have to walk up to 10+ kilometers every day to obtain safe water for basic needs like drinking and cooking. We want to eliminate this burden for as many families as we can. We have seen neighborhoods thrive after receiving a well–and we want to keep helping these communities flourish. With your donation, you can help fund the construction and/or maintenance of a well.

$4,000 funds the construction of one new well. $100 provides ongoing maintenance for one well each year.