Linda's Legacy

Our story continues...

The Passing & Legacy of Our Dear Linda

A Message to the Friends and Supporters of FIOH-USA

It was with a very heavy heart that Mary Ellen Dye, as the new president of the FIOH-USA board, announced the passing of her dear friend and cofounder of FIOH-USA on March 26, 2020 after a year-long battle with leukemia...

…The people of Kisumu Kenya touched her heart when she first visited in 2003 and she never stopped working to enrich and sustain the lives of the people of Kenya and Zambia. Linda, in her role as President of the Board, was the heart and soul of FIOH-USA. I never dreamed we would be able to accomplish so much when she asked me to join the Board of the new nonprofit that she was starting with her niece in 2005. 

Over the past 15 years, we have supported many projects both in Kenya and Zambia including wells, education, micro-lending for womens’ groups, and agricultural projects, responding to droughts as well as floods, just to name a few.  

Even now, we are supporting efforts to minimize the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic through hygiene education and subsidized food programs. It boggles my mind to realize how much a small group of dedicated people could do under her leadership.

Now, the Board and her family are determined to continue the work of FIOH-USA. Linda’s life revolved around her passion for the people of Kenya and Zambia. She did so much and made it look so easy!

One of the hardest things about her passing away during this pandemic was that we really didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. FIOH-USA is planning events to honor Linda and to mark our 15th Anniversary. We will keep you informed of our plans and hope you are able to join us in celebrating Linda and continuing her legacy.

If you feel compelled to send a sympathy card or flowers, please consider a donation to FIOH-USA instead. This can be done on our website or by sending a check made out to FIOH-USA to Sandra Warner, 5200 Bank St., Clarence, NY 14031.

On behalf of the entire Board of FIOH-USA, I want to thank you for your support and look forward to continuing Linda’s legacy. The Future Is In Our Hands! We cannot do it without you, together we make a difference!

Mary Ellen Dye
President of the Board, FIOH-USA

An in-person celebration of Linda’s legacy is still not possible as of October 2021, but we plan to hold one and will inform all those who are on our email list and who follow us on social media. Please click to join our email list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. The FIOH-USA board and its committees continue to hold regular Zoom meetings and work hard for the people of Kenya and Zambia. If you would like to join the board or a committee, please see our ways to help page.