Our causes

We are dedicated to funding self-sustaining projects and initiatives that empower men, women and children in Kenya and Zambia. See how.

Our commitment

We are completely volunteer-run and 100% of your donation goes directly to the causes we support. Your treasure, time and talent are all invaluable.

Our motivation

There would be no FIOH-USA without the inspiring and diligent passion we've witnessed from those we serve. Can you relate to that passion?

Our story begins with their story...

It all began with a Boy named nevil

Everything in life has a story--and the beginnings of Future In Our Hands-USA is no different. In 2000 when Michele Sprada visited Kenya, she had no idea how much the trip would transform her life and that of her aunt, Sister Linda. When Michele returned to the States with news of the need to sponsor a young orphaned boy named Nevil Ochieng, Sister Linda was compelled to help. After all, the head of the orphanage had described Nevil as a bright boy who could excel if only he could afford his school fees. After months of supporting Nevil from afar, Linda and Michele traveled to Kenya to meet Nevil again, only to learn that he had passed away from an infection he contracted from drinking contaminated water. The story doesn't end there...

Our Causes

Healthy Living

Healthy living refers to projects that improve the general health of members of the community. FIOH-USA is committed to advancing the quality of life for our partner communities.  We work with our partners to develop self-sustaining, life-enhancing endeavors. 

Community Support

FIOH-USA provides seed money to start self-sustaining programs and projects that the community has identified as a need to improve the quality of life for their region. Proposals are always generated by our African partners and FIOH-USA is able to fund their requests because of your generous donations. 


Since our inception, FIOH–USA has been committed to educating children. Through your sponsorship, we have seen students graduate and move on to work to support their families and become independent members of the community. Each year FIOH-USA finds sponsors for approximately 50 students.


Agricultural programs and projects fund education, land, seeds, livestock and machinery that make it possible for people to grow and raise their own food.  These projects not only provide healthy food, they bring the community together as their lives continue to improve.

Help us create sustainable impact

There are many ways you can contribute your time, talent and treasures to helping FIOH-USA reach hundreds of people on need. Please consider getting involved.

Our Work In Action

In addition to near-daily phone and email communication, one or two FIOH-USA board members periodically travel to Kenya and Zambia--at their own expense--to get a firsthand look at the projects we're funding. Here are some of the memories we've made over the years.

The village children love to gather around the camera and then see their photo.
Chickens at Angelic Ark Centre provides healthy nutrition for the children
Members of the Sunshine Women's group from Usoma Village in Kisumu Kenya
Finalists of the Rom Wandera Scholarship Award from grade 8 at Usoma Primary
A young student hoping for sponsorship from FIOH-USA to pay her school fees

because Of you, we can make a difference

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