our causes

we are committed to these 6 life-changing, sustainable programs

Future In Our Hands-USA has funded clean water projects in Africa since 2005. With the help of generous donations, we have funded the construction of over 20 wells throughout Kenya, providing a safe water supply to villagers.
Sponsoring students has been a central part of our mission because it is through that mission that we first uncovered our purpose. We have seen students graduate and move on to work to support their families and their communities.
Imagine getting approved for life-saving drugs–but lacking the transportation necessary to access them? That’s what HIV/AIDs patients were living with until we instituted this transportation program.
Missing school for one week each month is the reality for many young girls in Kenya and Zambia who do not have access to feminine products. We are determined to  end the stigma and the embarrassment that these young ladies face.
FIOH-USA helps provide micro loans for men and women who need capital to start or enlarge income- generating activities in their communities. Find our how we are empowering men and women to lift up their own communities.

Angelic Ark Centre is a temporary home for HIV+ or HIV impacted children. There is still great stigma in Kisii, Kenya surrounding HIV+ individuals. Many affected children are left as orphans. We help provide dignity and a safe space for these young children.