our causes

we are committed to these 4 life-changing, sustainable programs

Healthy Living

Healthy living refers to projects that improve the general health of members of the community. FIOH-USA is committed to advancing the quality of life for our partner communities.  We work with our partners to develop self-sustaining, life-enhancing endeavors. 

Community Support

FIOH-USA provides seed money to start self-sustaining programs and projects that the community has identified as a need to improve the quality of life for their region. Proposals are always generated by our African partners and FIOH-USA is able to fund their requests because of your generous donations. 


Since our inception, FIOH–USA has been committed to educating children. Through your sponsorship, we have seen students graduate and move on to work to support their families and become independent members of the community. Each year FIOH-USA finds sponsors for approximately 50 students.


Agricultural programs and projects fund education, land, seeds, livestock and machinery that make it possible for people to grow and raise their own food.  These projects not only provide healthy food, they bring the community together as their lives continue to improve.